Books and Modern

Act on Commercial Transactions

Act on Commercial Transactions
Name of Vendor // 
Books and Modern / Word’s Worth
Executive in Charge of Sales // 
Hiroko Wakai
Postal Code // 
Address // 
1-6-5-203 Setagaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Explanation of Charges for Items Other than Goods //
1 The cost of shipping will be charged for each single package. Generally, each order will be considered a single package, but in some instances the size of the items being ordered may require shipping in multiple packages. Please refer to the Shopping Guide for details about shipping rates and effecting payment.
Effective Period of Application // 
Within one week of application.
Unsatisfactory Goods // 
In those rare instances where our shipping instructions are incorrect, please contact us within one week of the arrival of any goods.
Payment Method // 
Credit card.
Deadline for Return of Goods // 
In most instances we are unable to accept returns, exchanges and cancellations.
Licenses // 
Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission 303251308505
Name of Store or Service Provider // 
Books and Modern / Word’s Worth
Telephone Number // 
Email address //
Website URL //
Shipping Method and Rates //In most instances we use Japan Post for shipping. Rates for shipping to addresses in and outside Japan are fixed and vary by destination and weight.